Aquaflex - trusted by growers all over the world. Accurate reporting you can rely on.

AQUAFLEX WebAdvert 171109Aquaflex is a proven product and has been successfully installed all over the world for the last 20 years. Aquaflex is proudly manufactured in New Zealand by OnFarm Data; a mature company with proven products. Aquaflex makes accurate soil moisture and temperature measurements making it a crucial tool for growers when scheduling irrigation. 

Aquaflex was developed at Lincoln University in Canterbury, New Zealand, by researchers who were frustrated by the lack of sensors that would provide accurate representative data over a large volume of soil. Aquaflex provides growers with a finite amount of accurate and representative soil moisture (and temperature) information so they can make informed irrigation management decisions.

10 Reasons why you should buy an Aquaflex

  1. Large measurement volume for very accurate information
    Aquaflex measures along its 3m length which totals 6 litres (370 cubic inches) of soil. Measurements can be taken as often as required, typically every hour. When the quality of what you are growing counts, then the more accurate the information you base your decisions on the better.
  2. Robust and reliable
    Aquaflex is a robust and reliable sensor that is buried in the root-zone of the crop. It can be easily removed and reinstalled as required. Aquaflex is covered by a 2 year warranty.  
  3. Compatible
    The aquaflex sensor has been designed to make it as easy as possible to integrate into any data logger or telemetry system. 
  4. Flexible
    Suitable for a wide range of applications, irrigation systems and soil types.
  5. Increase yields and profits
    Using quality information to make better irrigation decisions will reap benefits.  
  6. Easy to install  
  7. Does not require calibration
    The aquaflex sensor is pre-calibrated to cover all soil types. User calibration is available if required for special applications e.g. biofilters.
  8. Measures temperature as well as moisture
    The temperature is measured at the body of the sensor, not along the moisture sensing cable. This data will be displayed when viewing your data, but it is also used to compensate the moisture measurement for differences in both the electronics and the soil itself at different temperatures.
  9. Solar powered
    Depending on the configuration Aquaflex is usually solar powered with a back up battery.
  10. Continuous monitoring
    Aquaflex provides a continuous record of soil moisture and soil temperature allowing you to observe rainfall and irrigation events as they occur and also see the rate that the soil dries (e.g. rapid decline on hot, dry windy days or a gradual decline on cool still days). Data from Aquaflex sensors can be obtained in a variety of ways from an entry level manual download system, to a fully automated wireless system which you can view on your phone anywhere you have an internet connection.


Aquaflex can be a stand alone product or full solution can be supplied. 

You can order the Aquaflex soil moisture sensors for integration into your existing system or a full Aquaflex system which includes data logger and telemetry options.



Ready to connect.

Aquaflex Sensors have been designed to make it as easy as possible to integrate into any data logger or telemetry system.  However we can offer a complete package which includes the sensor and various options to view data.  

The key output configurations are: 

AquaFlex Icons BlueTooth Aquaflex Bluetooth Smart: 
Downloads to a Smartphone or Tablet via Bluetooth 
AquaFlex-Icons-Celluar Aquaflex Cellular Telemetry: 
Automatically sends the Aquaflex Data to the internet for viewing in a browser using our Aquaflex Dataview software.
AquaFlex Icons RadioMesh Aquaflex Radio Mesh option: 
Automatically sends the Aquaflex data to the internet via our Aquacom mesh radio for viewing in a browser using our Aquaflex dataview software.  


Measure more.

The innovative 3m (10ft) long sensor measures the average moisture over its full length (a total of 6 litres of soil).



Easy to install. 

The flexible aquaflex sensor can be installed in any soil type and in many configurations.  The sensor is robust and can easily be removed and re-installed if required.


Built to last.

Quality components and production processes result in a robust and reliable product that will provide many years of service.