Over-watering potatoes can often lead to disease amongst the crop and blemishes on the potato. This can result in reduced crop yield and overall quality. Aquaflex is a crucial tool to avoid over-watering and therefore maximising crop potential.

Save water, energy and time

Irrigating when the crop doesn't require it means you are wasting water and energy costs to run irrigators and pumps.   

Enhance crop quality

Irrigating potatoes is a balancing act: too much water and you risk disease in the crop, not enough water and you impact on production. Having aquaflex installed is a crucial tool when trying to make difficult irrigation decisions.

Increase production

Potatoes are very sensitive to moisture stress and are shallow rooted requiring frequent irrigation.  By installing aquaflex, you will identify when the soil moisture levels are nearing plant stress point and therefore when irrigation is required, ensuring production isn't compromised.   

Demonstrate environmental management

Installing a soil moisture monitoring system will help you prove your environmental management systems are robust. Aquaflex is a vital part of any Farm Environmental Plan.