Every Turf Manager or Green Keeper has their own objectives regarding turf quality.  Aquaflex is an invaluable tool and provides the information to assist in achieving these objectives. 

Aquaflex has been installed extensively in turf applications – from research sites to sports stadiums to golf courses. Research organisations in the UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand have used Aquaflex to assist them in compiling irrigation best practices for the industry.  

“Since installing the Aquaflex soil moisture sensor, we have been able to quantify with greater precision the effect of varying depths of rootzone sand on moisture retention” - Dr Richard Gibbs: Scientific Services Manager, NZ Sports Turf Institute

Save water and energy

The aquaflex sensor will identify when to irrigate which will eliminate saturated turf conditions due to over watering. Excessive dry matter production such as on a golf course, requires increased mowing which is a significant energy user.  

“By using Aquaflex I have been able to cut back my watering schedule to the greens by 40%” - Darrin Spierings, Golf Course Superintendent, NorthStone CC, NC, USA

Enhance turf quality 

Turf Managers often wish to minimise or maximise plant dry matter production while maintaining plant quality. For example, a Golf Course Superintendent wants nice looking green fairways, which heal themselves reasonably quickly when divots are taken out.  

“Aquaflex is a terrific tool to better determine the ideal moisture to maintain firm, fast, and viable greens.” Mark Hoban, Certified Superintendent at the Standard Club, Atlanta, USA

Improve nutrient retention

Many irrigation systems apply substantially more water than is required which contributes to the loss of fertilisers and agro-chemicals through leaching. The savings in fertiliser usage that can be achieved by more precise control of soil moisture content can be substantial. The soil temperature information provided by Aquaflex is also invaluable in ensuring the soil conditions are at the level to ensure optimum fertiliser uptake by the turf before applying the fertiliser.

Demonstrate environmental management 

Customers, regulatory authorities and the public are increasingly demanding that products and services, including sports turf, are provided in an environmentally friendly manner. In some instances, rights to irrigation water may be dependent on being able to demonstrate environmentally sound water management principles.

The Golf Course Industry is moving into a new era in terms of the impact of Environmental Awareness. As a result of implementing good environmental stewardship, golf courses can improve the profitability and sustainability of their operations.