Base your critical irrigation decisions on accurate and representative data

Aquaflex is a unique sensor that measures both soil moisture and soil temperature.  Soil moisture is measured over a 3m (10ft) length and a total volume of 6 litres (370 cubic inches) of soil. 

This overcomes the problem of measuring soil moisture content at one point only in a relatively small amount of soil.  Averaging soil moisture measurement across a broader area provides a better indication of general trends in local soil moisture.

Aquaflex uses a unique measurement technique to provide the average soil moisture over its 3m (10ft) length and the depth profile it is installed to. It is laid in the soil horizontally or at a slight angle at the depth (or depths) of interest.    

Thus Aquaflex overcomes the biggest problem with most other soil moisture sensors that measure moisture in a very localized area.  Soil is inherently highly variable – both in texture and soil moisture.  Many factors affect the uniformity of soil moisture, including the uniformity of irrigation and rainfall, crop root distribution, microclimate and soil properties.

Why base your critical decisions on a sample size of a golf ball when you can rely on a significantly larger sample size.