Optimise your soil moisture and temperature for optimum plant growth.

✓ SAVE Water, Energy & Time
✓ ENHANCE Pasture/Crop Quality
✓ INCREASE Production
✓ IMPROVE Nutrient Retention 
✓ DEMONSTRATE Environmental Management

The Aquaflex soil moisture sensor enables you to balance the soil moisture and soil temperature to maximise growth and quality – a delicate balancing act only possible with the correct data.

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Base your critical irrigation decisions on accurate and representative data

Aquaflex is a unique sensor that measures both soil moisture and soil temperature.  Soil moisture is measured over a 3m (10ft) length and a total volume of 6 litres (370 cubic inches) of soil. 

This overcomes the problem of measuring soil moisture content at one point only in a relatively small amount of soil.  Averaging soil moisture measurement across a broader area provides a better indication of general trends in local soil moisture.

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Over watering wastes water, energy and soluble nutrients – all of which you are paying for. Pasture production can be improved by balancing soil temperatures and irrigation application. Over-watering on heavier soils can lead to pugging and anaerobic conditions which causes root tip die back and loss of production.

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The wine world is becoming more discerning in its tastes. Customers are now far more focused on wine quality and many markets are interested in how the wine was produced. One of the keys to future success is being able to show your customers how your wine was produced with sustainable and environmentally conscious practices. 

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Over-watering potatoes can often lead to disease amongst the crop and blemishes on the potato. This can result in reduced crop yield and overall quality. Aquaflex is a crucial tool to avoid over-watering and therefore maximising crop potential.

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Do you need to determine the ideal soil moisture to maintain healthy trees?  The flexible aquaflex sensor can be installed in a variety of configurations; horizontally to directly measure soil moisture in the root-zone at that depth, on an angle to give a depth profile, in a coil to go around the root ball of trees or in a loop to fit in a confined space.

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Crops are very sensitive to both dry and excessively wet condition. A lack of growth is easily seen in over irrigated areas or dry areas. 

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Every Turf Manager or Green Keeper has their own objectives regarding turf quality.  Aquaflex is an invaluable tool and provides the information to assist in achieving these objectives. 

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Storage Pond Leakage

Aquaflex can be installed to detect any leakage from storage ponds  Some industries store highly contaminated liquid and Aquaflex provides re-assurance and accountability that none of that liquid escapes.