Our soil moisture sensors are being used all over the world as a tried, true and trusted solution to measuring a large area of soil with accurate reporting. With information at your finger tips, you make better irrigations decisions. See how Aquaflex is helping our clients.

Sarah and John Wright purchased a poor performing sheep farm near Fairlie.  They installed irrigation and now milk just under 2000 cows.  They have limited water available for irrigation.  They installed variable rate irrigation on their centre pivots and also installed aquaflex.  These water saving technologies has allowed them to irrigate more land resulting in increased production.

Soil moisture monitoring technology has helped dairy farmer and irrigation advocate Mark Slee stop wasting water and has saved him thousands in power bills. To make sure only the water needed is applied, each of the five centre pivots has an Aquaflex soil moisture sensor in the ground beneath it.

DairyNZLtd. Published on Oct 5, 2011

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